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It's About Balance

Here at The Project Of You, we know the secret to a successful life is found in the harmony between three key areas


Self Improvement

Healing From Trauma

Read more about these key areas below, and learn how you can finally begin to live in harmony with your life.

We're talking about your relationship with yourself, with your friends, partners, family, colleagues, and even the world around you. These bonds, and the way we approach them, will have a massive impact on the quality of our lives.

So, it makes sense that we create the space and time to invest in these relationships, and make sure they're healthy. But how?

Well, you can Book a Session with us to receive personalised one-on-one guidance in person or online!

Want more? We got you. We've created The Hub where we've uploaded all the resources you'll need to strengthen and make the most out of the relationships in your life.

Imagine the very best version of yourself. The version who has mastered the ability to forgive yourself, set boundaries, be in control, and achieve your goals. How can you become that person?


Through a journey called Self Development. Learn how to love yourself, how to communicate, manage your emotions, and step into your highest potential.


Through Self Development, you can begin to see all the incredible ways your life, career, health, and wellbeing will transform. Visit The Hub or Book A Session with us today!

Often, from early stages of our lives, we may find ourselves exposed to trauma.

These old wounds might be tricky to spot, and it can be even harder to recognise the impact they have on the quality of our lives, relationships, and mental health decades later.

Exploring these experiences with the help of a professional is the first step in the road to healing.

Learn how by Contacting Us for an online or in-person session, or explore The Hub where we have dozens of free online resources to help you on your journey.

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