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Couple Counselling

Guiding You to Relationship Harmony

Navigating the intricate landscape of relationships can be challenging, and at The Project Of You, we recognize that every relationship is unique. We're here to help you through the specific hurdles you may be encountering.

Common Challenges Couples Face:

Relationships are complex, and it's entirely normal to encounter roadblocks along the way. Whether you're grappling with communication breakdowns, trust issues, or the impact of external stressors such as work or family dynamics, we understand these challenges. The Project Of You, led by our experienced counsellor Azita Abdollahian, offers tailored solutions to address the unique challenges that couples like you may be facing.

Understanding Your Relationship Struggles:

Are you and your partner experiencing difficulties in communication? Do recurring issues lead to tension and unresolved conflicts? External pressures, be it work-related stress or family dynamics, can add strain to your relationship. We aim to provide a supportive environment where you can explore and navigate these issues together.

Transformative Power of Couple Counselling:

Embarking on the journey of couple counseling holds the promise of profound change. Our personalized sessions are designed to help you gain insights into your relationship dynamics, develop effective communication strategies, and provide you with tools to navigate challenges successfully. Whether you're a new couple looking to establish a strong foundation or a long-term partnership seeking to rediscover connection, couple counselling offers the support needed for a healthier, happier relationship.

How Couple Counselling Can Help You:

Enhanced Communication:

Acquire skills to express thoughts and feelings effectively, deepening your connection.

Conflict Resolution:

Learn constructive ways to navigate disagreements, turning conflicts into opportunities for growth.

Reigniting Intimacy:

Rediscover emotional and physical intimacy, fostering a renewed sense of closeness.

Tailored Approach for Your Needs:

Every couple is unique, and so are your challenges. The Project Of You offers a range of resources, including personalized counseling sessions, to address your specific concerns. Our focus is on providing a tailored and impactful experience to help you achieve the relationship harmony you seek.

Azita Abdollahian:
Your Experienced Guide to Relationship Wellness:

Meet Azita Abdollahian, our seasoned counselor specializing in relationship dynamics. With a wealth of experience and a compassionate approach, Azita has helped numerous couples overcome challenges ranging from communication breakdowns to navigating life's complexities together. Her expertise encompasses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychoanalytic Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Meditation Practices, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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Benefits of Couple Counseling

Communication Enhancement:

Learn effective communication strategies to express thoughts and feelings, fostering a deeper connection.

Conflict Resolution:

Acquire constructive ways to navigate disagreements, turning conflicts into opportunities for growth.

Intimacy Rediscovery:

Rediscover emotional and physical intimacy, fostering a renewed sense of closeness.

The Gottman method

I am excited to share my expertise in the transformative Gottman Method. As your dedicated psychotherapist, I specialize in incorporating the proven techniques of the Gottman Method to elevate and fortify your relationship. With years of experience, I seamlessly integrate this evidence-based approach into our sessions, providing you and your partner with practical tools to enhance communication, cultivate intimacy, and navigate challenges with resilience.

The Gottman Method, developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, is renowned for its research-based strategies that lay the foundation for lasting relationship success. My commitment to this approach underscores my dedication to offering you tangible solutions for bridging communication gaps and fostering deeper connections. Whether you're looking to address specific challenges or enhance the overall health of your relationship, my expertise in the Gottman Method ensures a supportive and effective therapeutic experience. Schedule a session with me to embark on a journey of relational growth, where the Gottman Method becomes a powerful catalyst for positive change in your partnership.

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Jacqui P.

"Azita worked what I can only describe as absolute magic. In just a few months my whole outlook had transformed."

Nikita M.

“If you're looking for a sign, this is it! I've fallen in love with my life again.”

Hamish D.

“This woman knows what she's doing! I was a backseat passenger in my own life. For the first time ever, I finally have my hands on the steering wheel."

Your Privacy Matters:

We understand the sensitivity of the issues you may be facing, and your privacy is our priority. All sessions are confidential, providing you with a safe space to explore and address your relationship concerns.

Ready to take the first step to fix and improve your relationship?

I'm here for you. Call me now to start our journey in couple counselling. If your partner isn't on board yet, let's begin with you. Your relationship's well-being is my priority. Reach out to kickstart the transformative journey. Your path to a happier, healthier relationship starts with one simple action – call me now.

Ready to Transform Your Relationship?

  • Book a Session: Schedule a personalised couple counselling session with Azita to kickstart your transformative journey.

  • Explore Couples Counselling: Learn more about our dedicated sessions designed to strengthen your relationship.

  • Request a Free Consultation: Dive into a free 15-minute consultation and explore how couple counseling with Azita can support you.

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