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Azita Abdollahian

MSW, B.Sc Psychology, Adv. Dip Psychotherapy, CMMT, Adv.DCH

Consultant Social Worker & Psychotherapist, and with an impressive list of letters after her name, who exactly is the founder of The Project Of You?


When it comes to making an impact in the world of personal development and mental health, Azita Abdollahian has been a force to be reckoned with. Just ask the hundreds of people she’s helped - from refugees, to victims of domestic abuse, to those struggling with homelessness.


Along with her humanitarian efforts, Azita has helped hundreds of individuals with real life, everyday challenges. Relationships, jobs, anxiety, depression, family dynamics, negative thinking, trauma, stress - It can feel near impossible to juggle it all.


Using practices like:


  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  •  Psychoanalytic Therapy

  •  Narrative Therapy

  •  Psychodynamic Therapy

  •  Meditation Practices

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy


Azita has created a hub that caters to all minds both neurodivergent and otherwise. Now, she’s ready to share those life changing lessons, challenges, and observations with anyone who needs a little extra guidance and support as they navigate the volatile climate of modern day life and relationships.

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