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What would happen to your mental health, nervous system, and inner self if you spent a weekend immersed in sisterhood, self love, and deep healing?

The Power Within Retreat is all about honouring our experiences as women. Releasing trauma, guilt, and burnout. Realigning with purpose, clarity, and our higher self. Reseting our energy, nervous system, and balance. Taking the time to invest in our health - physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional - is critical to our ability as women to do it all. From careers, to family, to relationships, we balance the world on our shoulders, so its important that we maintain our inner harmony first.

Enjoy organic food, self improvement workshops, spiritual practices, networking ceremonies, and connection for two nights and three days with like minded women in beautiful natural surroundings and celebrate the incredible journey you've been on!

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Upcoming Retreats:
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More About Us

We started The Power Within Retreats based on the idea that people are interested in undertaking a journey from the outside world to their inner nature. Our retreats are located in the most stunning and peaceful settings, so that our guests can enjoy an enriching and memorable experience that will change the concept of daily life into moments of deep connection and appreciation.

Meet Your Workshop Leaders

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Psychotherapist, Relationship & Trauma Expert

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Shamanic Practitioner, Meditation & Breathwork Teacher

We’re The Power Within

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